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Official 918kiss Online Slot Game Casino Malaysia

There is simply no casino experience that is complete without casino slot machine games. Just try to picture any casino without the rows of colorful, noisy one-armed bandits always surrounded by excited people. No other betting games seem to generate the same immediate excitement and no other game is popular among such a wide section of society. Today you will struggle to find any Malaysia online casino that does not have a heavy focus on slot games.

Slot machines were invented around the late 1800's and interestingly involved 5 drums containing cards. These were essentially poker gambling machines and there was no automatic payout or for that matter any kind of cash payout. Winnings were decided according to which poker hands appeared on the reels. Payouts would be in the form of drinks, cigars or further rounds of gameplay instead of cash. This was very soon replaced by machines with 3 bars. The creators These were initially to found in tobacco shops, salons and other such venues where mainly men would gather. Due to the mechanical nature of the game players believed they were somehow in control of the outcome. Since the player only ever interacted with a machine there were many who even believed there were ways to control the machine's outcome. Even when the machines finally became electric it was some time before the famous lever was removed from machines.

Casinos see no better way to get large groups of people to come in and spend time. All the other games available require time and expense that most ordinary people simply do not have. Furthermore, more complicated card games are games of skill. Anyone hoping to have any success at these games requires a significant amount of time to learn about it. A game of poker would require funds for a buy-in. Then additional funds to bet on a hand. These would be people with significant resources and time to commit to gaming. With the slots, anyone with some spare change can have a go. Casino slot machine games offer flexibility that suits a wide range of people. A slot game might have 15 pay lines, but a player does not necessarily have to activate them all. Nobody decides on a whim to play poker or baccarat and this is where casino operators see the volume benefits of slot games. They are a great way to entice new or casual gamblers into coming to casinos and spending more time soaking in the atmosphere. Just picking which machine to play has become a serious exercise! People spend considerable time noting which machines payout most often. Frequent players would pass on the word about favoured machines. There were even theories developed on how to pick a lucky machine. And from the first time anyone experienced the noise and drama of a win, they would be hooked.

It is therefore only natural that slot games have become a centrepiece of online casinos. With cutting edge graphics, interactive bonus rounds, just to mention some examples, these games are a far cry from the original slots. This host of different features mean no two slot games are ever the same and with a progressive jackpot to look forward to, players always have the incentive to keep going.

It is obvious that slot games have come a long way since their invention. Today's online slot games are so much more sophisticated than their predecessors. However, the best games in the industry today have tried to maintain some of the flavours of the original machines. At EZYGET.COM we understand this and know how important online casino slots are to our clients. We provide a selection of games that have been carefully chosen not just for their entertainment value, but just as importantly the reliability and reputation of the game provider. Be it Playtech, NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, UC8 or Ameba Entertainment, all the game providers that we partner with are ranked among the best in the industry. These slot games are available on our mobile platforms Joker123, 918kiss, SCR888 & Sky3888 as there is a huge and increasing demand for them.

Trusted Best Online Slot Game Casino Malaysia

EZYGET has 6 lounges. Regardless of which lounge you choose, there is sure to be something to catch your flavour. A wide variety of games, many based on famous characters from film and history, are available.

Playtech brings you among others, Highway Kings, Rocky and the hugely popular Sun Wukong. The legendary Chinese Monkey King is an all-time favourite among high payout slots games. Netent has Jimi Hendrix, Guns & Roses, Aliens and the ever-popular South Park series included.

These are of course just a small selection of the games available. We have a huge selection of games that have unique differences, meaning that with EZYGET.COM online casino slots are in the right place to have all the fun.

Of course, all these benefits mean nothing without a reliable casino partner. Among the large number of Malaysia online casino, we are recognized by our reputation and experience as just that. It is our mission to ensure our clients have a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Whether it is the ease of play provided by our platforms, or the varied deposit options to our trusted and reliable payouts, EZYGET.COM is the place you want to be when you hit the slots.

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☎️How to contact ezyget?

Contact us now for more infomation, we are operating 24-Hours and 7 Days per week.


❗About Us

EZYGET is an online gambling entertainment website. Our mission is offering wide range, innovative and high quality gaming products to our customers. We are in providing players the best quality service, strong unbeatable promotions, quick and easy secure payout of winnings.


✔️Our Products

EZYGET delivers a variety of gaming products, easy to bet and entertaining:     - #1 Sports / E-sports      - #2 Live Casino     - #3 Slot Games     - #4 4D Lottery


Go to "REGISTER" and fill in the following information with Full name, Email address, Contact Number, Username and Password.


✔️How I make deposit into my account?

Login to your EZYGET account and click on 'Deposit'. Follow all the steps shown, including selecting your preferred banking/payment option. Once you have completed all the steps, submit the form and notify our customer support representatives via Live Chat.


✔️What is the minimum amount required for a deposit?

The minimum amount required for each deposit transaction is MYR 30.

 *Make sure the transaction slips are been screenshot and send to Customer service 24/7.*


💲How do I make a withdrawal?

Login to your EZYGET account and click on 'Withdrawal' under '$$$'. Follow all the steps shown, including selecting your preferred banking option. Once you have completed all the steps, submit the form and inform our customer support representatives via Live Chat. The minimum amount required for each withdrawal transaction is MYR 50.

*There is no fee or charge incurred for withdrawals.*


💲Are my transaction details secure?

All information transmitted on EZYGET's servers are highly secure with the most advanced security systems and encryption software.


💲Can I make a withdrawal through a third party account?

No, all withdrawals made must be through the bank account registered in the user's EZYGET profile. The registered names on both the EZYGET account and bank account must match.


💲How do I make a transfer?

Go to the <Transfer> tab after you have login. Then you will see Main Wallet and other products wallet such as: PT Suite, GP Suite and many more. In order to play your desired games, you will have to transfer funds from your "Main Wallet" to the products wallets. And if you wish to withdraw your funds. You will need to transfer the credit from your products wallet to "Main Wallet".


⚠️Security and Confidentiality

We take personal privacy seriously and we will ensure the security protection of our customers personal data. 


🔞Under Age Gambling rule

All gamers must meet the minimum of 18 years and above to become a player and any underage individual will be disqualified in playing or placing a bet on any of the provided game at Ezyget Responsible Gaming Online Casino Malaysia Regulation Rules.


💲What is the supported currencies ?

MYR - Malaysian Ringgit $$$



🤔How to join us?

Go to "REGISTER" >>> Fill in information >>> Deposit input required >>> go to "Deposit" and notice to us >>> Transfer credit from "Main Wallet" to "Product Wallet" >>> Enjoy the game!!!

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