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Like most of us in the digital age, EZYGET has caught up to the E-Sports revolution of the 21st century! Everywhere you ask today, you'll surely see people already engaged in varieties of video games. However, although the number of players today is enormous, not all of them are up to par when it comes to professional quality. Believe it or not, playing video games is a highly competitive platform and this is basically the reason why Electronic Sports have already swept the industry by storm in our current generation. Alongside Electronic Sports, online video games betting has also taken the limelight and if you are a punter who's also a fan of video games, then this is the perfect platform for EZYGET to indulge in.

Those new to Malaysia Online Casino betting will find a comfortably familiar structure. It bears an interface very similar to traditional sportsbook betting, with bettors picking a “winner” or “loser” for each match held – there are traditional betting lines to follow as well. For example, a simple bet can be placed on a professional game of DOTA being held for international viewers. Emerging as a new market around the world as recently as 2015, Esports betting by EZYGET has brought the fun of gambling to our favorite MMO games. How amazing is it in this day and age that you can bet on players fighting for millions in the League of Legends finals? As with any competitive game, when the prize money reaches immense heights for the players themselves, so too do the opportunities for bettors and gamblers looking to set up shop and reap their rewards!

Aside from the different games available in the Esports industry, there are also diverse options for tournaments that could you could play for real money. There's the Dream hack Tournament, Electronic Sports World Cup, Capcom Cup, Halo Championship series, UMG Gaming, eGames, Evolution Championship and beyond. These are some of the hottest tournaments today in the eSports industry and if you are vying to join the waging platform for eSports, you should keep these top tournaments in mind.

Revolution Gaming E-Sports

From Dota 2 betting sites down to CS: Go Match Betting, it is pretty evident that there's a whole expansive array of games and waging options you could choose from today. Although this may be your first time betting on video games, what you should remember is that your prudent approach when it comes to any form of betting should be observed even in this category.

For instance, the first things that you need to find out are bookmakers or eSports Betting sites that you could join and stream video games live. There are numerous sites and bookmakers out there and it would surely be to your greatest advantage if you observe intricacy and prudence when you're researching about the right site for you to enjoy placing your bets on.

When picking Dota 2 Betting sites or sites for eSports betting, you should already be able to pinpoint exactly what games you enjoy watching and gambling on. Each site may have their own specialities when it comes to the games they cater. Some may excel in providing tournaments for Dota 2 Games, some may specialize in Fighting Games while some may have Multiplayer Online Battle Games at the centre of their operation. By knowing exactly what it is that you want, you would be able to pick a gambling site that specifically provides the type of game that you wish to bet on.

New Era Of E-Sports Gaming

We as an Honoured Trusted Malaysia Online Casino recommend keeping track of the schedule of E-Sports games being held in Asia through our EZYGET E-Sportsbook. We always have a steady stream of League of Legends and Dota games being held - all are available to research and place a bet on! Again, since the esports gaming market is only 4-5 years old, industry experts see its growth potential in gambling as massive and untapped. EZYGET esport is the best Malaysia Online Casino for you to jump in the pool of esports betting!

Should you have any questions on how we set odds for a particular game, please reach out to our support staff available 24/7! We can help guide you through the odds-setting process, so you can focus on following and betting on your favorite Esports players. Additionally, our EZYGET customer service will be able to describe the various bets one can make in Esports. There are several options available to players that traditional sportsbooks do not offer, so make sure to review all your betting options! Furthermore, it’s always a good idea to ask about any bonuses being run. We always have new. promotions that help our players build real momentum with their betting and strategy.

Throughout the years of operation of the E-Sports industry, it has already been determined that this industry would be around for a long time and would the video game betting industry. It is definitely a fun industry for video gamers and punters to join in but of course, discipline, prudence and wits should always be observed. With the right steps, mindset and strategies, you could end up reeling in enormous benefits from this industry and at the same time, you'll have a great time enjoying the video games you love. If you want to start gambling online, but don't want to spend any of your hard-earned money right away, visit EZYGET. Here you can learn how to use promotional codes, and find the best no deposit bonus codes and casino coupons available online. Start playing today!

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EZYGET is an online gambling entertainment website. Our mission is offering wide range, innovative and high quality gaming products to our customers. We are in providing players the best quality service, strong unbeatable promotions, quick and easy secure payout of winnings.


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The minimum amount required for each deposit transaction is MYR 30.

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Login to your EZYGET account and click on 'Withdrawal' under '$$$'. Follow all the steps shown, including selecting your preferred banking option. Once you have completed all the steps, submit the form and inform our customer support representatives via Live Chat. The minimum amount required for each withdrawal transaction is MYR 50.

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All information transmitted on EZYGET's servers are highly secure with the most advanced security systems and encryption software.


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No, all withdrawals made must be through the bank account registered in the user's EZYGET profile. The registered names on both the EZYGET account and bank account must match.


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Go to the <Transfer> tab after you have login. Then you will see Main Wallet and other products wallet such as: PT Suite, GP Suite and many more. In order to play your desired games, you will have to transfer funds from your "Main Wallet" to the products wallets. And if you wish to withdraw your funds. You will need to transfer the credit from your products wallet to "Main Wallet".


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All gamers must meet the minimum of 18 years and above to become a player and any underage individual will be disqualified in playing or placing a bet on any of the provided game at Ezyget Responsible Gaming Online Casino Malaysia Regulation Rules.


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MYR - Malaysian Ringgit $$$



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